Top Tips When Choosing Automatic Gates


Would you want to upgrade your home's security? Well, you should consider automatic gates. Below is a comprehensive guide of how automatic gates work and the various considerations you should make when choosing an electric gate.  

How Do Automatic Gates Operate?

Automatic gates consist of two parts: a conventional gate and a gate operator. The operator is the mechanism that swings or slides the gate. It receives a signal from a restricted access system to either open or close the gate. 

Types of Automatic Gates

Automatic gates can be classified according to their opening mechanism. They can be designed to swing, slide or open vertically. Other kinds include cantilever, barrier arm and bi-folding gates. Below are a few tips to help you choose an appropriate opening mechanism:

  • Available space. Vertical lift gates require space at the top. With limited space, you could opt for a sliding or swing gate.
  • Elevation. If the gate is located on a steep slope, you would want to avoid a swinging gate.
  • Intended use. Barriers are an ideal choice for malls and security checkpoints. However, they may not be the best gate for your home since people can sneak through the barrier.
  • Frequency of use. Gates that open up and down are likely to wear out if used frequently. 

Choosing an Automatic Gate

Other considerations to make when purchasing an automatic gate include:

  • Design. The gate should complement the general appeal of your landscape. You could choose wrought iron, wood, steel or aluminium gates.
  • Opening speed. Gates that open fast prevent traffic buildup at the entrance and exit points. At home, they ensure visitors do not get impatient at the gate.
  • Power. What would happen if you had a power interruption? Choose a gate that has a backup power source.
  • Installation. Do not attempt a DIY installation. Ask a professional to install and test the gate. Besides, purchase the gate from a company that provides guarantees. 

Automatic Gate Security Features

What kind of access system does the gate use? If you have a car, consider one that has a number plate detection system. Kids can forget access codes. Therefore, if they will use the gate, choose one with a fingerprint scanner or face recognition system. The system should also have intercom and CCTV to ensure you can communicate with people at the gate.

Automatic gates will help prevent unauthorised people from accessing your home or business. Choose an open opening mechanism and design. Besides, examine the gate's opening speed, backup power source, ease of installation and automatic opening mechanisms.


15 January 2020

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