Planting a Garden in Your Yard? Here's Why You Need a Welded Mesh Garden Fence


Have you considered installing a fence around your newly planted garden? That's right! Forget the property fence meant to increase privacy and keep intruders out of your home. A garden fence is installed in a yard or garden to protect plants or a specific part of your landscaping. While there are many fencing options for gardens, welded mesh fences are great solutions, and here's why!

Great for Keeping Animals Out

If you have animals or pets in your home, the last thing you want is for them to step on your new plants. One way of avoiding this is by installing a garden fence. Welded mesh wire is an excellent choice as you can choose the hole size based on your needs. If you have small animals, go for small mesh holes to deter animals from accessing the demarcated area of your yard. For large animals, large holes would be ideal for your new fence.

Extremely Sturdy and Durable

Welded mesh fencing comes in various gauges that determine the strength of the fence. A high gauge translates into a sturdy fence that can withstand strong winds and physical force. Such a fence can act as a windbreaker and protect your young plants and flower borders from the adverse effects of storms and winds. What's more, mesh fences are incredibly durable. With proper installation, they can last years with little maintenance.

Acts as Trellis for Climbing Plants

In addition to protecting your garden from being trodden on, welded mesh fences can act as trellises for climbing plants. Climbing flowers look beautiful draped over a garden fence. If you have vegetables such as tomatoes, pole beans and peas, you don't have to worry about building trellises for them. Your fence would be the perfect support structure! You also don't have to worry about the moisture from the plants damaging the mesh, as is the case with wooden garden fences.

Preserves Garden Aesthetics

Do you want to create a feature out of your garden and secure it without compromising the aesthetics? Mesh fencing is an excellent option for securing your garden or portions of it without blocking it altogether. For example, if there's a section that requires tender care, fencing it will keep animals out, all while allowing you to have an unobstructed view of the garden. If you wish to move the fence, you can easily do so without damaging your plants or ruining the garden.

A mesh fence for your garden is the perfect solution for protecting young plants until they mature. The versatility of the fencing system makes it easy for you to relocate it from one part of the garden to another as the need arises. Contact a contractor who offers welded mesh fencing services for more information.


13 January 2020

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