All You Need To Know About Swimming Pool Fences


If you have a swimming pool in your home, one of your biggest fears is probably that your kids or pets could fall into the pool and drown. Well, you could prevent this by installing a swimming pool fence. Read the excerpt below to learn a few considerations you should make when installing swimming pool fencing.

Types of Swimming Pool Fences

Below are some types of fences to consider; 

1. Mesh Fences

These are a preferable choice for most homeowners since they are cheap, easy to install and easy to remove. All you need are steel or aluminium posts and a chain link. Mesh fences will not affect your landscape aesthetics since you will have a good view of the pool. 

2. Metal 

Metal fences can be made from aluminium, steel or wrought iron. These fences are non-removable and will therefore offer maximum protection. Besides, you can install automatic gates and CCTV cameras on these fences. They also come in various designs and can be customised to suit your preference. 

3. Glass 

Although expensive, glass fences can significantly improve the appeal of your swimming pool. Reflection effects make the pool look bigger than its actual size. These fences should be installed by a professional. 

4. Wood

Wooden fences will give your pool a traditional look. The fences do not have any slits. As such, it is difficult for your child or pet to sneak into the pool. Besides, you can customise the fence design and paint it to complement the exterior of your home. Improve the longevity of the fence by using pressure-treated wood.

5. Vinyl

Vinyl fences are considerably cheaper compared to wooden, metal and glass fences. They are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. 

Safety Features of a Swimming Pool Fence

Below are some safety features to look for in a swimming pool fence; 

  • The fence must be high to prevent children from climbing over.
  • Openings in metal and mesh fences must be narrow to prevent children and pets from sneaking through these gaps.
  • Use self-locking or automatic gates.
  • The fence should be rust and rot-resistant.

In Australia, there are strict regulations regarding swimming pool fences. A certified installer will ensure your swimming pool complies by this code. Ask your certifier to inspect the pool and help you apply for a swimming pool fence compliance certificate. 

Swimming pools are an essential aspect of your landscape. As such, the fence you install should improve the appeal of your landscape and home's exterior. Work with reputable companies that provide guarantees and warranties on the products they sell.


10 January 2020

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