Reasons You Should Trade in Your Wooden Balustrades for Glass


One of the best ways to secure your stairway, balcony or pool area is to install balustrades. Traditionally, most people used wood balustrades due to their availability and outstanding old-fashioned design. However, things have been changing drastically lately, and more property owners are choosing more minimalist and contemporary designs. Glass balustrades are one of the popular contemporary features homeowners use today, thanks to the benefits they offer. This post shares some exceptional perks of glass balustrades.

Space creation

When you compare wood and glass balustrades, you'll realise that glass creates an illusion of extra space. Once installed on your balcony, stairs or any other elevated area, the perception of an open, fresh and extensive atmosphere is created. This increases your comfortability since you won't feel like you are enclosed in a tight space.

Increased aesthetic appeal

Every property owner wants to ensure that their building stands out. While wood balustrades offer that natural feel, they cannot compete with glass when it comes to enhancing the looks of a commercial building or home. Wood balustrades are opaque in nature, and this makes it impossible for natural light to illuminate the area. You may even need to turn on your light during the day just to illuminate the room.

This is an issue you won't face if you use glass balustrades. They allow the sun rays into the building, which makes the entire area appear naturally beautiful all day long. This also reduces your dependence on artificial lights and makes the indoors appear more open.

Stronger and more durable

There is a misconception that items made of glass are delicate and must be handled with care to avoid breakage. This isn't entirely true — if you accidentally kick the balustrade, the glass will not break. Glass balustrades are robust and can last longer than their wood counterparts. They are specially designed with robust construction material, making it difficult for them to smash or crack easily. Moreover, glass balustrades are not prone to corrosion or pest infestation, which are elements that reduce the lifespan of the wooden objects.

Easier maintenance

Your home or commercial building always needs to be clean. If you install glass balustrades, you'll not need to worry about maintenance. All you have to do is wipe the glass with a lint-free cloth and a standard cleaner, and your balustrades will be in tip-top condition. Wood balustrades, on the other hand, have to be polished regularly after cleaning, which increases the maintenance expenses.


8 January 2020

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