Three Materials For Landlords To Contemplate When Fencing Their Rental Property


Rental properties can prove to be a lucrative investment when you know how to make the most of the building. Whether you have a few units or multiple units, the assurance of rental income coming in every month provides you with a sense of financial freedom. While there are many renovations you can engage in to make your property as alluring as possible, one inclusion that should never be taken for granted is the addition of fencing. Not only does fencing give your tenants a sense of security, but choosing the right materials will also help with improving the appearance of your rental property while simultaneously increasing its value too! Furthermore, the right fencing accords your residents' privacy and this makes them comfortable in their homes. Before you make a decision, here are three materials to contemplate when fencing your rental property.

Timber fencing

If your rental property oozes traditional design with timber facades and gabled fencing, then you may want to consider timber for your fencing needs. Wood provides an undeniably classic appeal and this is what makes it relevant in residential and commercial design centuries later. In addition to this, you have a myriad of styles to choose from when you opt for timber ranging from palisade fencing to picket fences! The main thing to note is that your choice of style will be heavily dependent on what needs you are trying to meet. For example, if you want to increase privacy for your tenants, shadowbox fencing will be better suited for your rental property than picket fencing will.

Aluminium fencing

Considering the cost of quality timber fencing, more so hardwood fencing, this option could be out of reach for some landlords. Nonetheless, this does not mean you cannot find affordable yet functional fencing material for your property. That material is aluminium. Gone are the days when aluminium was considered a bland, industrial material since it could be powder coated to any colour scheme you want. Moreover, unlike most other metal supplies, aluminium will not rust. Thus, you get to install affordable, attractive and durable fencing!

Wrought iron fencing

Property owners that are looking to elevate the visual interest of their rental property will find wrought iron to be a great material for their fencing needs! One of the major advantages of wrought iron is that it is entirely customizable. Thus, whether you want different designs for individual homes or one large fence to surround your gated community, you are guaranteed that wrought iron will meet your design specifications. An added benefit of wrought iron fencing is that it is quite strong so it doubles up as security fencing too! One major drawback associated with wrought iron is the cost since it is quite expensive, especially when compared to aluminium and timber fencing.


28 December 2019

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